Landlord Appealing against vulnerability decision

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    I was wondering if anyone has yet taken a landlord appeal on a vulnerability decision to tribunal yet and if so how they approached the issue of whether to disclose what can be sensitive personal details relating to the claimant’s finances, state of health, cohabitation.

    It appears from the LHA guidance manual that there is no intention on the DWP’s part to look at the landlord’s status as a person affected by a direct payment decision in a vulnerability case but can it really be the intention that by appealing against a direct payment decision or simply by requesting direct payments on vulnerability grounds a landlord can gain access to this kind of information.

    Commissioners decisions CH/180/2006 and CH2986/2005 seem to suggest that Data Protection is not an issue when it comes to a landlord’s appeal rights. I would be interested to know how this is being dealt with.

    A Doyle

    John Boxall

    I think that in a case like this I might submit a basic appeal to TTS with a covering letter and ask for directions.

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    We submitted one to TTS and were given directions to address re the issue of vulnerability. On a further reconsideration we decided to lapse the appeal and pay the landlord so it didn’t go any further.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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