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    A claimant no longer qualifies for HB due to, for example a nondep deduction, but is still entitled to CTB. If they provide proof of the nondeps income and it has reduced, say after about 3 months, do we need a new application form for HB? Or can we treat it as a change of circs?

    thanks 😀

    Kevin D

    Mad as it is, yes, a new HB claim is needed. Unfortunately, and quite incredibly, there is still nothing in the regs, or any of the Acts , that allows the continuation of either HB or CTB to count as being enough to restart the “other” side after a break. At least not to my knowledge.

    However, in these circumstances, I’d normally accept a letter from the clmt as being sufficient to count as a claim for the “dead” side of benefit. [b:4dfb4923e7]HBR 83(1)[/b:4dfb4923e7] & its CTB equivalent allow a claim to be made in this way.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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