LA’s to pilot UC schme

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    This may not be news or I may have missed it (quite likely), but looks like Lord Freud wants LA’s to pilot UC scheme:

    Is this turkeys voting for Christmas or does it suggest some LA involvement in UC.


    I think it’s the pilot for direct payment of HB to rsl/la tenants.

    Which no-one at conference was interested in.(strangely enough)

    keith buckley

    Penny starting to drop here?

    If some Councils do it and show they are both effective and efficient then all Councils may get the function in the future rather than DWP.

    Taking into account DuncanSmith’s statement about all those who administer bits of UC will have an opportunity to show that they are the right people to administer it as they have always said


    I think all they’re trying to pilot is that customers will still pay their rent even if it’s paid directly to themselves and as we will still be responsible for paying HB until 2013 then we have to be part of the pilot scheme. I don’t think it will have any bearing on the DWP still assessing and paying UC. The problem the DWP will have as Derrick has pointed out is how many LAs will want to “risk” paying HB for council tenants and HAs direct to the claimants?


    Am I right in thinking that there has been no commitment whatsoever thus far by ministers that the current ‘safeguard’ provisions and more importantly the 8 weeks arrears default regulations are going to be carried forward into UC for private sector LHA claimants? The article which kicked off this thread would have you be believe otherwise and is surely wrong.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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