Last day of entitlement?

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    As far as i understand, if a claimants entitlement to JSA ends, the date of change is actually the day after the last date of entitlement.

    DWP notification received (ISCAN)19/5/11 stating that JSA had been terminated. Date of termination 9/5/11. JSA paid to 6/5/11 and period of entitlement 2/4/11 to 6/5/11. Date notification issued 18/5/11. (No HBRO)

    Based on this, i would assume the last day of entitlement to be 6/5/11, so date of change is 7/5/11, therefore lst date of entitlement to HB/CTB 8/5/11? Am i correct?

    What is the difference between the date of termination and date of entitlement ending?


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