Late advantageous change or Backdating/ New Claim?

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    Landlord informed us that claimant moved out on 06 Jan 10. We decided that his HB entitlement was ‘nil’ from 11 Jan 10 (after suspending for one month and after we failed to hear from claimant).

    Claimant then re applied for HB (at new address on 26 March 10) and asked for backdating from 25 Jan 10. Said he was sleeping rough between 06 Jan 10 and 25 Jan 10. Rental liability at new address was less than previous address.

    Baring in mind that claimants entitlement was ‘nil’ between 06.01.10 and 25.01.10, can anyone advise me as to:
    (1) Whether new claim was actually required (and whether this is purely a backdating issue) OR
    (2) Whether this is a case of ‘late notification of an advantageous change’


    Definitely a new claim and backdating – there was a gap between the periods of entitlement at different addressess.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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