Late Appeals -v- OOJ

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    I have just submitted an appeal against a decision made in 2002 as being OOJ.
    (Edit: Appeal made late September 2006)

    It has come back with a request for an explanation as to why it has not been submitted as a late appeal.

    Last I was aware anything outside the absolute time-limit should have been submitted as OOJ so,

    a) Have I missed something again or,
    b) If not, does anyone know of a decision or anything formal from TTS I can irefer to in my explanation.


    We have just been advised at an LA/TTS liaison meeting that it has been decided (by TTS I would assume) that the appeals should be submitted as late and the AT37 noted that it is more than 13 months old.

    Why the change I know not!

    Do I know what I'm doing? The jury's out on that........................



    Thanks for that, it has answered one question but raised several others:

    How do these decision get made?
    When do they get made?
    How do they get disseminated?
    😡 Why do I keep asking stupid questions 😕


    Sending the appeals as late appeals will only increase the errors made by the Tribunals Service as they will accept them and ask for full submissions from the L/A’s.

    Kevin D


    Just wondered why Tribs will automatically accept late appeals? Although it’s a few months since I’ve dealt with appeals, up to that point I had never had an unsupported late appeal allowed.

    Maybe it helps that on the front of a mini-submission (limited strictly to the issues about the late appeal) it has emblazoned in size 16-18 font (in bold & underlined): “[u:15983092b9][b:15983092b9]LATE APPEAL ([size=16:15983092b9]UNSUPPORTED[/size:15983092b9] BY THE LOCAL AUTHORITY)[/b:15983092b9][/u:15983092b9]”.

    As an aside, I’ve been blissfully unaware (until now!) of the instruction to submit OOTs as OOJs. 😈


    I think with a lot of this type of thing it’s pure luck whether you submit it the right way.

    Problem is TTS do not seem to make any great effort to disseminate this type of information. I do not have a problem however they want it submitted. What I do have a problem with is discovering that, not only have they moved the goalposts but that they have not bothered to tell anyone they have moved them 😡

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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