Late notification of a change of address

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    A change of address is now effective from the actual date of the move, which means that many are mid week changes.

    If a person is late telling us of a change and it is to their advantage and we decide there are no special reasons for lateness what is the effective date?

    DMA reg 8(3) says the change happens on the date the notification was recieved. How do I find the effective date of that change, Reg 79 seems to say except where DMA Reg 8(3) applies?

    So if they tell us on a wedneday of a move than happened two months ago is the effective date the Wednesday, the following monday or the Monday of the week the late notifcation was received.

    Darren W

    From what I recal it depends on if they rent from the LA or not.

    If they do rent from the LA then you action from the day the change took place.

    If they do not rent from the LA and it will increase benefit you action from the day you receive the written notification, which in your example is the Wednesday.

    chris harvey

    I think Darren’s right. Reg 8(3) only applies to notifiable changes and as a change in the amount of rent payable to a housing authority is not a notifiable change under reg 88 then for rent rebates the normal change of circs rules will apply ie the actual day of the move. For rent allowances it would be a notifiable change and if late and advantageous reg 8(3) kicks in and the change is deemed to occur on the date of notification and would take effect from that day.

    Ozzies Mate

    So would you then terminate the HB for the previous address from the actual date of the move?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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