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    There has been a dispute over the date a dependent should be included on claims and would like some clarification.

    If a dependent is born or moves in with a parent or guardian [b:14412cb30d]AND [/b:14412cb30d]we are notified late [i:14412cb30d](over a calendar month)[/i:14412cb30d] what date should the dependant be included on the claim? Should it still be the date of birth/move [i:14412cb30d](irrespective of the late notification)[/i:14412cb30d] ? Should we only input the dep from the date child benefit is awarded from?

    What regs cover this?


    This comes up every six months or so, most recently here:

    Late notification rules apply – see the Decisions & Appeals regs 7-9. Basically, unless relevant special circumstances exist for the failure to notify the arrival of the child (and you could quite easily argue that the birth of a child is both relevant and special…) you use the date of notification.

    There has been confusion previously about how Child Benefit affects things but CB does not change anything. As a relevent benefit it is income from the date it is awarded. As income, it is disregarded and has no effect on HB/CTB. The applicable amount / change in LHA rate is driven by the change in household only, and that is subject to late notification rules.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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