Late notified change or not?

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    Kully Bains

    We have been taking a non dependent deduction for someone , but have recently become aware that the non dep moved out in 2009. The claimant has never informed us that the non dep had left.

    Recently in Sept 2012 the non dep has made a claim for HB/CTB and while looking at this claim we have cross ref that she was a non dep on her mothers claim. The claim made in Sep 2012 shows that the non dep had moved in 2009.

    The non dep had also notiifed the council tax section in Oct 2009  that she had moved to a new address .

    Would you :

    Claimant has never informed us that non dep had moved out, treat this as a late advantageous change and only remove the non dep charge from Monday following date the non dep made a claim for benefit

    As the non dep had informed council tax section that she had moved to a new address back in 2009. Treat this as the date of notification and remove non dep using actual date of change


    I think I would go with the harsher of the two options, but with one small variation: in relation to the awarding decision currentrly in force, this is not a late notified change but a material fact that has come to light more than a month after the decision was made (I am guessing the most recent decision might well bge the April 2012 uprating). In that case, the adjustment is made from the beginning of the week in which the information was discovered – not the following Monday.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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