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    We have a Latvian couple who were in receipt of JSA (IB) at the couple rate. We had been told that the JSA has changed to a single rate paid to our claimant.

    We have requested information re his partners income but nothing has been forthcoming so we suspended the claim.

    He is still on JSA I(IB) so does it matter even though it’s the single rate (we have no reason to beleive that they have split up).

    CIS is now showing that the single rate has also ceased from 3 June.

    Not really sure what to do with it now :~


    Well obviously you will need to carry out the HRT your selves, as the JSA ib has ended all together.

    I would have been reluctant to pay if I had a Latvian couple and one was on JSA ib as a single clmt. Unless of course it was not JSA ib and was JSA conts. It may also be worth checking out that it was defo JSA ib. I know this sounds straight forward but I seriously dont think that it is. We have had many cases in the past where we, and the clmt, have been convinced they are in receipt of JSA ib when in fact they are in receipt of JSA conts.

    I think the problem lies firmly in our laps as the JCP are only doing what they are supposed to do in that a person is able to make a claim for JSA conts and IB at the same time. It may be that JCP worked out the JSA ib award based on the couple rate then realised that the clmt would receive more JSA based on the conts element for him self when considering possible income the clmt may have….this is just a thought though and your scenario may be very different as you have pointed out you are not aware of the ptnrs income.

    However, you will surley need more info from the clmt and JCP before you proceed.


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