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    We have an unusual claim. The wife has claimed HB and is working and living in one room with the son, which is fine, but the husband has no Nino and has never worked, as he was involved in a serious road traffic accident 3 days after arriving in the UK in July 2008 and has been in hospital ever since as he has spinal injuries and is now wheelchair bound.

    He is due to be discharged from hospital shortly, if the wife can find suitable accomodation, as the multi occ they currently live in is not suitable.

    Can we disregard the husband from the claim for the multi occ as he is not and will not be living as part of that household, and just consider him as part of the household once they move, or do we still have to include him.

    Will they then only be eligible once he has a Nino or has the legislation regarding Nino’s recently changed, as I recall seeing something about NiNO’s recently but can’t remember what.

    Many thanks


    If the claimant has made a claim for herself and husband you will need to include him on the claim, he is only temporarily away from home in hospital and they are not separated. With regard to the NINO requirements this circular should help.

    hope thas helpful


    yes thanks

    sorry for the delay in replying.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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