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    Hi, could anyone offer any help with this?

    I have a Latvian lone parent who entered the UK in 2007 and worked (without being registered) up until 2009 when he had an accident.  At this point he applied to the WRS and was refused due to" not working and having no legal residency as a worker".  He has stated that he was SE during 2009 – 2012 and also claimed ESA during the period Nov 2011 – Oct 2012 now refused (no ltd capability for work).  Evidence has been provided to show he is now signed off for work due to awaiting a hip replacement, but currently only receives CTC/CB.

    His son started School in 2011 at which time he was SE.  I was thinking that provided I can see evidence that he was SE at this time he is eligible to HB due to being a primary carer of a child entered in Education and would continue to be eligible whilst his son remains in School.

    Anyone agree/disagree?



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