law to revise /supersede an award of Council Tax Reduction

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    We have been under the impression that the power to revise/supersede an award of CTR will be in the amended CT (Admin and Enforcement)Regulations and fall under assumptions /corrections of a discount.

    Has anyone been through the regs and are you satisfied that they actually work?  I am in the middle of inserting the amendments so that they make more sense but any explantions in the meantime will be very helpful! 



    I work with Ang and have been looking at this as well. But she’s gone home now so I thought as well as emailing her this I’d also post my thoughts here:

    All I keep coming up with is this:

    1. an award of CTR is a discount or, if the reduction wipes out liability altogether, an exemption
    2. the authority has to take steps to ascertain whether a discount or exemption is applicable
    3. after doing so, when calculating the chargeable amount for the financial year the authority can assume:
    a. that a discount or exemption is not applicable
    b. that a discount or exemption is applicable
    4. the liable person has to tell the authority within 21 days of becoming aware that he should not be getting a discount or exemption, or the amount of any discount is wrong
    5. if (s)he does, or the authority’s assumption changes for whatever reason, go back to point 3

    Does this make sense? I don’t think the amended A and E regs confer any new wondrous means of superseding / revising a CTRS decision, but just bring discounts by way of CTRS into the scope of the regulations.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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