Leaving Care, Supported Lodging Payments

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    Rachael Fairbairn

    We have a claim from a pensioner not in receipt of Pension Credit who has started to support a 17 year old girl placed with her by the Leaving Care Team of Social Services. She receives £200 per week for supported lodgings from Social Services. This £200 is to cover the cost of the 17 year old rent, utilities , food and emotional support, but not clothing. When the 17 year old goes into respite care the claimant receives a retainer from Social Services calculated on the number of days of respite. No one claims child benefit for the 17 year old and her only income is EMA.

    Could I ask you for your opinion if we should include the 17 year old in the claimant’s claim, if so is she a non-dep or boarder?

    Is the £200 per week a weekly wage and if so should we make a decision as to how much of the £200 should be disregarded for food, utilities and emotional support?

    Thank you


    Sorry to partially hijack your post – but we have a case where we also have a query over these supported lodgings payments. Ours is slightly different than yours as our claimant rents a room from his former foster parents. He is 18 years old is in further education and works part time. Surprsingly the social services department pay [b:455d55e0e8][u:455d55e0e8][i:455d55e0e8]him[/i:455d55e0e8][/u:455d55e0e8][i:455d55e0e8][/i:455d55e0e8][/b:455d55e0e8]the supported lodging payment of £70 per week. They say this is due to tax reasons. He is supposed to pay the £70 per week to his former foster parents/landlord but his bank statements show that he does not withdraw all of this money from his bank account so he can’t be paying them. Social services are not interested in this fact. My query is – how is this disposable income(it is disposable for him to spend as he likes as far as I am concerned) treated for HB/CTB purposes.

    Also does anyone have a comment about the possible fradulent actions by the social services department in ensuring that the former foster parents have a lower taxable income!

    I have emailed Elsian at the Adelphi but she is off until the end of October.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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