LHA and change in joint tenancy

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    I need clarification on this.

    A joint tenancy on LHA – rent is £800.00pcm which has not changed
    One of the tenants moved out at the end of the tenancy
    A new tenancy is created for the remaining tenant and the rent has still not changed – £800.00pcm.

    How is this treated on the for LHA purposes on customers claim?
    It wa previously 50% when joint so 50% of the rent used. Do I now increase the rent to make him 100% liable as he is wholly rsponsible for rent now or does the £800.00 go in as a rent increase to be looked at when the LHA anniversary occurs?

    We have currently input it as a rent increase so it picks up at LHA review but I have now received a DHP for the difference ? There is technically no change in the customers Household to change the review date of LHA

    Your thoughts please


    Yes, you increase the claimant’s liability to 100% if he is liable for the full amount.

    There may also be a change in the category of dwelling if the claimant was previously getting the shared rate as they must now have exclusive use and should get the one-bed rate (for now, even if they are under 35!).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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