LHA and nannys/au pairs

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    david kearney

    I was suprised that this hadn’t been asked before but i supose there are only a limited number of hb eligible customers with au pairs.

    Is an au pair whose main residence is the customer’s address an occupier for LHA purposes?. Can’t see any reason why not, someome please tell me i’m missing something


    Yes they must be.

    Saw this come up once before in the 2AR context: wealthy lone parent with live-in nanny. Could she get 2AR on the basis that she doesn’t pay her nanny very much? Cannot see why not.


    Is it so remarkable? For people working very unsocial hours for not much money and with children, an au pair is a practical and reasonable option. And it follows that they need accommodating within the dwelling so should count as an occupier.

    david kearney

    Thanks, and agreed Andy, I have just made the same point to the assessor. One child in full time childcare, two self-employed remarkably low-income taxi driver parents and an au pair, isn’t helping her to see the wisdom of this point though.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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