LHA and old scheme tenancies

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    We are told that movement onto LHA will be triggered by ‘re-applications where there is a break in the claim of one week or more.’

    How does this affect ‘old scheme’ (pre-2/1/1996) tenancies, which can have breaks of up to four weeks and retain their status?

    We still have a number of these claims and the rents tend to be quite low. Once LHA arrives, will a break of one week be sufficient to convert these claims or will a four week break be required?

    I have course materials that seems to state these tenancies are exempt from LHA, but DWP info only states that pre-1989 tenancies are exempt.


    Tenancies taken on or after 15/1/89 in England and Wales, and currently paid under the “old scheme” rules will be subject to the LHA if they have any break in their claim and a re-application on or after 7/4/08. The four-week linking provision between “old scheme” and “new scheme” cases has not been brought forward into the LHA regulations.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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