LHA Anniversary in Dual HB Period

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    Hi, my mind has suffered a mental block – must the hot weather!

    I have a customer who has moved, dual HB awarded. During the 4-week period the anniversary date for LHA has cropped up and the LHA rate has changed.

    Have checked all through the Regs i.e. HB80(9), HB70 and 13C. My reading seems to come out that if the rate of LHA changes during this period, the calculation of eligible rent has changed, therefore this should be reflected in the total award of HB during this period.

    I.e LHA was £115.00 for 2 weeks, has increased to £120.00 for remaining time. Eligible rent on new address is £100.00 per week, this means the following:

    Eligible Rent per week for 1st 2 weeks = £215.00
    Eligible Rent per week for remaining period = £220.00

    Don’t know why I am struggling, must be one of those days. Thoughts welcome.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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