LHA anniversary, Rent increase and a change to household

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    Kully Bains

    This customer is a pre April 2011 LHA case.
    rent was £500pcm (115.38pw)LHA three bedroom rate was £126.58. HB was being paid at £126.58
    Anniversary 08/08/2011. LHA excess no longer paid and LHA level for August 2011 was £114.23. Transitional protection awarded and HB is now £115.38 (full rent charge but no longer gets £15.00 excess )
    On 14/08/2011 customers rent increased to £575.00 pcm .
    On 15/08/2011 customer had new baby and bedroom requirement changes from 3 to 4 rooms .
    The 4 bedroom rate for August 2011 is £155.77pw. Therefore from 22/08/2011 transitional protection no longer needed

    From 22/08/2011 should the new HB be paid at £132.69 (based on the new rent charge of £575.00pcm) ie we can consider the rent increase at same time as the change in household .


    I would say yes.
    From a system point of view, the rent increase would be input as usuual, but it wouldn’t alter the amount of HB as it doesn’t trigger any new LHA rate (or a new rent officer referral)

    At the point the LHA does change (due to room or anniversary) then the new rent can be looked at then.

    I think that sounds like it makes sense, but it doesn’t mean its right!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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