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    Help!!! :O

    I’ve received a form from HMRC wanting a vast array of data about all our claimants who received any LHA for the 2009/10 year.

    Has anyone else had such a form and if so what reports did you run to get the data out of Northgate?



    This is the Schedule 5 return, yes?
    You need RBX307 if you haven’t already got it. Chargeable of course, but it does what it says.


    How HMRC can claim to be using this information for a “purpose relating to a Tax Credit, Child Benefit or guardians allowance” is beyond me.

    HB is disregarded for all of them, Companies can’t get any of these awards, and many of the people we are asked to provide info about have not claimed any of them.

    If an LA is challenged by the Information commissioner about what basis they disclosed this information to HMRC in respect of, for example a commercial organisation that rents out properties, what reason could we give?


    Maybe its part of the ongoing conspiracacy that is UC. >) As HMRC have been collecting this data for years and years, pehaps UC is closer than we think, and all the percived problems with IT etc are a figment of everyones imaginations? Perhaps HMRC are going to be making an unassailable bid for the processing of UC on the grounds that they have all the info already….hold on, the men in white coats are coming…. perhaps I’ve been doing this too long?

    Nicky T

    I’ve just been given this to look into as we are being chased for it. Did you give the info? I’m being told that HMRC are saying it’s a legal requirement but have been challenged on this by us before & never came back with a good reason why we should reply…….

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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