LHA – Landlord making false applications for Safeguard

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    We have received an allegation that one of our landlords (of several properties) is forcing his tenants to make a safeguard application for him to receive the LHA payments directly, on the grounds that they cannot manage their financial affairs.

    When a tenant refuses to do so, he is allegedly creating false rent statements that show the tenant to be in rent arrears, of 8 weeks or more, and then applying to us directly for the payments.

    Has anyone come across any similar cases, and if so, what if any action have you taken? Is it actually benefit fraud, is an offence actually being committed? There is no overpayment being created and the sums being paid are sums he would be entitled to in rent from his tenant.

    I feel that some action must be taken, but not sure what powers/legislation to use progress it.

    Any advice gratefully received.

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