LHA Move within the same property

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    I have a claim for a customer who was renting a room from her Grandad for herself and her child.

    The property has now been converted and she is living in a self-contained unit with her own street entrance…although there is a locked connecting door.

    Customer’s rental liability has increased to reflect the move although the LHA rate is the same. As this is a change.. (although only to another part of the house) would you create a new LHA period from the date of move? As the rental liability has increased within mid-LHA period if we do not then the customer will have a shortfall as we are currently paying rent plus cap.

    Any thoughts?? Cheers Danny

    Andy Thurman

    If you are satisfied that the change of dwelling is genuine (i.e. not in the same room), then it is a ‘move’ for HB purposes so new LHA amount can & should be made.

    Is the VO going to make it separate for ctax purposes?


    They have not decided yet as there is a connecting door but I agree that a new LHA should apply.

    Many thanks

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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