LHA or not?

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    One of our RSLs is planning to set up a social lettings agency. Managing properties on behlaf of private landlords etc. All well and good, HAMA, so tenancies will fall under LHA.

    However, they also intend to use the social lettings agency to manage properties where they have purchased & rented back to owners in mortgage difficulties, once the owner moves, tenancy ends etc.

    These are the ones I’m struggling with. I can’t see any way that these could be HAMA & LHA properties. The HA is the owner, I can’t see how the fact that the property is managed by their social lettings agency arm makes any difference to that fact, and therefore the tenancy can’t be LHA. Then, naturally, I’m concerned how we will be easily able to identify whether properties are HAMA let & LHA or HA owned and let through the agency.

    Does anyone have experience anything similar? I’ve not really dealt with HAMA properties since I worked for a Housing Association myself.

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