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    Hi everyone
    I have been dealing with a complaint from a landlord. To cut a very long story short –

    LL informs us that tenant in arrears. We suspend and write to tenant. He responds disputing arrears and that he has made repairs to property which LL would not do.

    We de-suspend the claim and write to the LL with decision -Payment to continue to tenant – also giving appeal rights. LL then reqeusts reconsideration. We suspend claim again.

    Whilst waiting for further info from tenant, he puts a change of address claim in and we re-instate payemtns to tenant releasing a further payment for the previous address to the tenant.

    Landlord not happy and wants compensation

    1. Is the landlord a person affected – I think he is and we have obviously written to him offering appeal rights, and
    2. Were we correct in suspending following the request for recon – Again I think we were as per Reg 11DAR.

    Any help greatly appreciated

    Kevin D

    Well, I’m stuck at place “A”, when I should be at “B” – don’t ask. Apologies to the LA inconvenienced.

    So, I may as well carry on causing mayhem on the forums.

    [b:ca86faf171]CH/3244/2007[/b:ca86faf171] *may* be of interest – probably best to focus on the principles.


    Thank you for your response. Having problems finding a copy of the decision, has anyone got a link please?


    Landlord is definitely entitled to appeal – no question of that. I am sure Judge Jacobs agreed there is a right to suspend on payment issues (I am not sure it is great practice as the tenant could get evicted with a long wait for a hearing).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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