LHA top up overpayment – Are you recovering it??

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    We have had our first overpayment of HB due to awarding a backdate on an LHA claim which has reverted it back to the ‘old scheme’ and they are no longer entitled to the extra £15 a week they were getting on the LHA scheme.

    We are going to treat this as a recoverable overpayment… do you agree this is correct??



    It hasn’t been caused by an official error – therefore recoverable


    I agree with Amos. I think this o/p would be classed as “other” and is therefore recoverable. 8)

    Ozzies Mate

    Yep that is waht we were trained should happen. Is one of those anomalies when granting backdating that reverts back to de-reg new claim


    It is indeed a recoverable eligible error o/p – although I suggested LAs write to DWP to ask for the same exemption that applied when they introduced the changes to the annual referral rules (o/ps were to be treated as non recoverable DWP Error).

    Kind of got ignored a bit.

    The advice from Paul Stagg is of interest though and I am not sure if it has gone up – Peter DLM said he would add it. NB – it is only advice. In a numb his argument is that the backdated period forms a separate part of the claim process, which therefore allows the awarding the backdated period as a reference rent period and the new claim as LHA.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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