Loan Payments from an ex partner

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    Can anyone assist in this query:
    We have a claimant who has split from her partner and now has her own property. She has applied for benefit in her own right. She previously has a joint loan with her ex-partner which is repaid from her HSBC account. He pays no maintenance for their child, who he has 3 days per week, but pays the loan amount into her bank account which automatically comes out a few days later to pay the monthly loan payments. This has been seen and verified.

    Do we include this payment from the ex-partner as income?


    So in essence he is paying “his half” of the loan plus more money to his ex-partner. It so happens that she is using this to pay off “her portion” of the loan.
    If you accept that this is the case, then in the absence of any CDs on this subject, I would be prepared to treat half of the payments made by ex-partner as maintenance, disregarding £15 per week if there are dependant children involved.
    This is of course, a personal point of view and others may see things differently 8)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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