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    I am worried about how 'final' our LCTS policy will be when it goes before members in December for approval.

    As we all know we have to agree a local scheme by 31st Jan at the latest.

    I understand that there will be a number of regulations not published until as late as Feb (Appeals for example and 'funds' whatever that may mean).

    What can we do? Is it acceptable to approve the local scheme at Full Council, say in Dec, but caveat the approval of the version of the policy which exists at that time with 'subject to prescribed changes introduced by the Government' … or words to that effect?

    I just can't see how the timing of what is required fits together with the delivery of the regs and what the mechanisam is for making corrections / updates (not fundamentally changing the scheme) once the FC decsion has been made.

    Any thoughts welcome!


    It does not but all Councils can do is vote on their local schemes. These will need to include a note that other statutory issues may need to be added later. These will not affect the local discretionary powers that members will be voting on…it may be that you will have to add on bits to your local scheme of course but I dont think there will be anything that will overturn any local decision.

    You may well think this is all a bit crazy but nothing that has not been expressed many times before of course. Parliament has had this Act for a year and seems to think local government can sort it all out in a few weeks.


    Our full Council doesn’t meet until 23.1.13 :O so I am anticipating some late nights between then and 31.1.2013.

    chris harvey

    What if a council wants to approve it’s scheme before the regs are laid (like this month), perhaps delegating any consequential amendments to officers after the regs are issued and circulating any amemdments to all members?

    Nicky T

    Does anyone know if we need to take a fully detailed scheme in to the members or whether we can say it will be the default scheme (SI 2012 xxx) subject to the following changes etc etc.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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