Local Housing Allowance

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    Under Local Housing Allowance there seams to be some confussion within our office, are service charges taken from the calculation before the rate is applied or are they now completely ignored?

    Kevin D

    My understanding is that service charges are ignored. So, if you have two claimants each being charged £100 per week, one including services, one not, both will get the same LHA (assuming same BRMA / household size etc).


    You’re right – HB for LHA claims is capped to £15 above the [i:2939ab1b94][b:2939ab1b94]contractual [/b:2939ab1b94][/i:2939ab1b94] rent.

    The only exceptions are DHPs and protection (i.e. 13 week or 12 month), which still will only cover up to the [i:2939ab1b94][b:2939ab1b94]eligible[/b:2939ab1b94][/i:2939ab1b94] rent.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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