Local Housing Allowance

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    Ian Sharratt

    I have two families- claimant (A) and her mother (B) and each has responsibility for one of claimant A’s two young children. The Child Benefit for each of the children is paid separately to A & B.

    I’ve assumed that if they take on a tenancy each will be entitled to the two bedroomed LHA rate as both are effectively single parents. Any ideas on what would happen if one took a tenancy and the other was a non-dependant….? The two children will share a bedroom (they are brothers after all) but for our purposes they are two separate families with their own requirements so I might be being over cautious.

    Andy Thurman

    If tenancy is in one name, you will have a 3 room rate – even if the non-dep’s child was no relation to the claimant’s. The size criteria does not distinguish between families, simply the number and age of the occupiers. (As you say, 2 room rate each if a joint tenancy.)
    I’m assuming there are no concerns over this Child Benefit (and, I assume, Child Tax Credit) “arrangement”??

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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