Local performance indicators post BVPI?

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    Now the BVPIs are gone, and we have our new KLOE, has anyone come up with any local performance indicators that are different from the old BVPIs? This could be a good way to start designing our benefits services around the needs of the public.

    For example, I was thinking about a target that would encourage us to reduce the amount of claims made unsuccessful (or defective, or adverse inferenced, or whatever you call it).

    This could be done by not just relying on a letter with a month time limit, but telephoning customers, offering appointments, visiting, and working with other agencies (e.g. Pension Service, etc)

    I feel this could help reduce housing poverty, and help vulnerable people (e.g. those with difficulty reading, understanding English, don’t deal with correspondence well, etc) get the benefit they are entitled to.

    As a knock on effect, I am sure this could also help with the Right Time indicator by getting the information in sooner. It could also help change staff attitudes towards a more customer friendly approach, instead of ‘punishing’ them for not providing information by making their claim unsuccessful.

    Any comments on my idea? Any other ideas for local PIs out there?


    A comment.

    I was at an inter cities meeting a couple of months ago when Tim saville from the audit commission gave a presentation around KLOE and the future of inspections. During this he did make mention of looking at the number of claims unsuccessful and asking authorities for explanations where these figures are high – in other words possibly playing the PI game rather than looking after the customer.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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