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    Afternoon all.

    As Senior Officer of the HB Recovery team, I am currently looking in to the possibility of using Locta as a way of tracing debtors.

    The team used Locta back in 2007 when there was no charge for the service and found that it was not very successful, therefore did not extend the contract once a fee was payable.

    Does anybody use Locta at the moment and if so what are your experiences of it please?

    Many thanks.


    I have access to Locta but have not used it for ages.

    I find most of my useful info from CIS, Experian and researching the system notes where there are other debts being chased within the authority.

    Locta used to ring me about once a month to see what I thought of it and I always said that for my purposes I had not found it very useful at all. They have not rung me for ages 🙁

    Andrea Palmer

    I’m afraid I agree with Caroline. We trace people much more successfully through CIS and don’t really get any results from LOCTA


    I think it’s more useful for Revenues people who haven’t got the benefit of CIS (that’s what it was developed for intially). We didn’t renew our subscription because it wasn’t cost effective, and the less authorities who use it the less effective it will be.

    On another matter, in the early days of HBMS they mentioned that our data would be scanned against neighbouring authorities and it would pick up where HB was being paid in more than one place. We had to provide a list of authorities we wanted to be matched with. I’m sure I’m not making this up. Does this happen? Does it actually scan “nationwide” or is the only duplicate search the one done by NFI? Anyone know?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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