London borough, Disgracefull: housing vunerable people in garages

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    david bradley

    If this is true, its disgracefull!

    The RLA have reported (may 2011, pg.7) a London Council have been working with the local estate agents to house the vulnerable social housing tenants in substandard conditions.

    The result is the tenants have been subject to overcrowding and living in accommodation know as leisure rooms….. otherwise know as a garage or a shed!!!!!!!!!!!

    It was only found out when the tenants went to register for council tax!!!! Separate department!!!!!

    How can this be true……. time and time and time again private landlords are being slammed over and over again to provide a high level of accommodation, we are continuously being regulated, taxed and vindicated……… but not the council, they are not Taxed and are self regulated, they get to do what they want.

    I hope people go to jail for this, its disgusting and makes me so angry…… If it was a private landlord that was responsible it would be front page news and jail time without a shadow of a doubt.

    The article goes on to say that the MP Jeremy Corbyn uses this as a argument to introduce rent controls over the private sector!!!!!!!

    What a complete JOKE!!!!!!!! What they need to do is lease private landlords property, take 100% responsibility and stop blaming landlords for making the most out of the business opportunities that have arisen for the continuous screw up after screw up made by the government.

    david bradley

    On the very next page a slum lord fined £30,000 and 6 months jail time plus 200 hour community service for providing substandard housing…… bet that wont happen in this county council?


    Can you send me this report?

    Andy Thurman

    I’d be interested to read it too – Peter, please forward if you get hold of it.
    It does sound appalling.

    david bradley

    Will do, however I’m in the middle of moving house and office, may be a few days.

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