Looking urgently for "me"; can you help?

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    Since the decision in CH/2567/2007 on whether informing the Housing Dept is sufficient to meet the rerquirement to report a change in circs, I have been looking at numerous claim forms and decision letters.

    So many letters ask the claimant (or landlord) to report changes to “me”. The record for “me” in “you must tell me” or similar on a single letter is 10. So far. No explanation of who “me” is or where he or she can be found. No address or telephone numbers.

    So who is this ME? They must be vey busy indeed. I have tried telephoning the LA’s switchboard and asked to be put through to “me” but they could not find him or her either.

    So my question is – who exactly is “me”? Where do I find them? Do you know them? Perhaps YOU are “me”?

    8) πŸ˜†


    Funnily enough, this came up on some plain English training I have been doing over the last two weeks.

    I think that it comes in large part from this archaic notion that you cannot mix the singular and plural pronoun – ie if you’ve said I/me you cannot say we/us in the same letter and vice versa…….like……even if it makes logical sense to do so! Personally I am proud that we at my local authority do not think we are bound by this!

    It gets particularly silly when “me”‘s name isn’t even on the letter, and I am sure you have some examples of that as well.


    Peter if you are trying to find yourself have you considered transcendental meditation.



    Being a geek. This “ME” as it relates to Local Authorities would be the CEO as Head of Paid Service to the Council. The Council being the Full Meeting of Council Members.

    As most letters generally go out under the name of the Head of Service, the “Me” would be that person, however the person responsible would still be the Chief Exec, unless of course we are talking about subsidy returns, which no contractor ever completes when this β€œMe” generally becomes the Director of Finance.

    PS – Do I get brownie points?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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