‘Lost’ claim.

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    Can anyone help with the following scenario:

    An asylum seeker is living in a property and their rent and living costs are being met by social services.

    In May '11 They are granted leave to remain and become eligible to claim HB.

    They fill out a HB claim form with the help of a Housing officer. The Housing officer contacts the LL and asks for rent proof. The LL refuses to provide this and the claim remains unpaid. None of this info is passed to the HB office.

    Two months later the CL moves to a new address.

    Two years later the LL issues a recovery order to the CL for the two months unpiad rent. The CL in turn comes to the HB office and wants to know what happened to his claim.

    As far as I can see no decision has been made by the LA regarding the original claim.

    Are there any problems with registering a claim now and paying for the period in question?



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