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    I’ve just realised how insane benefits is.

    My customer has AIDS, he had about £250 a week income consisting of IB, DLA Care high and DLA Mob high and IS.

    For some reason his DLA has been cut to DLA Care low only (i guess his AIDS is getting better) – this has the affect of reducing his App Amo and thus the lose of entitlement to IS. Overall his income is cut in Half to around £120 (DLA Care low and IB).

    The thing that does my head in is that even though his income has been cut in half I’ve had to make an overpayment for HB, CTB!

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    Sounds like they should get an appeal in regarding their DLA, and pronto.

    A perfect example of what I’m always telling colleagues and customers- DLA is the centre piece of the benefits jigsaw, the central strand in the welfare web, the keystone of the social security bridge, or whatever metaphor you prefer.

    If you can get it, it opens up entitlement to other benefits and premiums and doesn’t even get taken into account as income. If you then lose it, then you’ve got big problems, as your customer is discovering…

    Regarding their appeal- I don’t wish to be overly morbid and please pardon any medical ignorance I may display – he should be entitled to Higher Rate Care if he is “Terminally Ill” and for these purposes “Terminally Ill” means having a progressive disease [i:303e8ae85c]and[/i:303e8ae85c] you can reasonably be expected to die within six months as a result. [u:303e8ae85c]This does not mean you have to be more likely than not to die within six months[/u:303e8ae85c], but that if you did it would not be unexpected.

    So, it would depend on your customer’s exact condition. Like I say, I’m no expert, but he’d surely have a strong case (and this is without taking into account the other possible criteria).

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