main residence or no residence?

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    Steve Anning

    Help – Bit rusty on CTAX sole or main as been in benefits for number of years

    CTAX when dealing with liability issues for other addresses in the borough have now deemed that a particular person spent their time between 3 properties 2 days / 2 days / 3 days.

    The 3 days property won, so to speak, which is now causing a conflict between liability & Benefit legislation (living together).

    My question is :- Did a decision [b:b52b5ae436]have [/b:b52b5ae436]to be made to make the person resident [b:b52b5ae436]somewhere[/b:b52b5ae436], which now creates a period of joint liability, or could the person have been left as resident [b:b52b5ae436]nowhere[/b:b52b5ae436]?

    Alternatively, have I completely forgotten every thing I thought i knew about ctax liability? 😳

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