Maintenance or Voluntary Payment

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    Martin Giles

    With the impending demise of the CSA we are having a few cases where private arrangements to make payments are being made. Where do you draw the line in differentiating between it being a maintenance payment and taken into account (subject to disregard) and being a voluntary payment and being fully disregarded ?

    Kevin D

    Over simplified; but income from a former partner automatically counts as maintenance – it cannot be treated as “voluntary payments”.

    [b:01c8e37006]Sch 5; para 14(2) applies[/b:01c8e37006]. Or, have I missed something?

    Unfortunately, there does appear to be a gaping chasm of a loophole in some cases where maintenance is paid, but I don’t intend to offer it for public consumption (for obvious reasons).

    If someone else identifies the said loophole and chooses to post, c’est la vie….


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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