Massive overpaments of Credits

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    Is the Revenue picking on me?

    I have just had my 4th award notice in 3 weeks. Should be getting around£50 per month CTC. Wife gave up work in April 02 and my boy is one this May. Hence first award was about £80 per year wrong as IR had not picked these things up on original claim form.

    Only wanted them to take wifes earnings off but they would appear to have eventually removed all earnings from claim and now am getting over £7000 per year, and its going to be paid partly through my pay-roll!!!!

    Is there any hope?


    Not only is there no hop, there’s no-one answering the phone.

    I’ve been trying to get through to them since Mid-March to tell ’em they’re overpaying me. Can I get through? Stupid question isn’t it?


    Same here.

    Based on our 2001/02 income, me and my wife are getting £60.00 pw CTC.
    Only entitled to the minimum £545pa based on this year’s income. Tried dozens of times over the past month to get through on the public number. Only time I actually got through I was told to dial again ‘cos my call had been misdirected to the wrong extension. Needless to say, after waiting in the queue for nearly an hour and a half, I was in no mood to start over.

    I’ve written to them now. Sorted.

    Wonder what the final bill will be for all these overpayments – let alone the extra HB that is flowing out of all the LAs in the land due to late notifications of TCs.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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