Maternity pay

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    I have received a query regarding a tenant who has been given the option from their employer of not receiving any works maternity pay until they return to work.

    For the first 6 weeks of their mat leave they will receive 90% of their normal wage and wouldn't claim for this bit, but following this they would just get SMP and would be looking at claiming HB/CTB for this period.

    When they return to work they would receive a lump sum payment (around £1800) which would be the wages due for the mat leave period.

    What i am asking is, could not taking the mat pay from the employer as a monthly be seen in any way as deprivation of income? Or once the lump sum payment is received would that be taken as income for the period it covers?

    The option is given to the employee of deferring the wages so thaf if the employee does not return from mat leave then they do not owe the employer any money back.

    Any advice gratefully received.





Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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