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    Here’s one for a slow Friday afternoon.

    I was doing a training course recently and was discussing ineleigible service charges.

    When we got to the subject of meals one of the delegates said that their LA had a housing association that ran a number of flats in a complex as sheltered accommodation. Because of the nature of the people living in the flats the HA included a charge in the rent for meals. They wanted to make sure that the individuals were eating at least one meal a day.

    It wasn’t clear from what the delegate said whether the meal was provided by the HA or if they just sent someone round to make sure that the person had eaten. Either way I would have thought the charge was ineligible as either meals or GC&S.

    The delegate went on to say that the HA had been doing this all over the country and had won a series of appeals saying the charges were eligible for HB. Their LA was going to follow suit.

    I have searched the boards but can’t find any reference to this. I have also looked at the Commissioners’ site and found nothing.

    Does anyone out there know anything about this? ❓ 😕


    Not heard anything of this…

    tomorrow is April 1st, Kentucky Fried Housing Association? I’m luvin it!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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