mooring fees and barge rental

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    Claimant is renting a barge from one party and has to pay mooring fees to the second party.

    We have set the claim up using 2 reference numbers as we were required to refer both rentals to the Rent Service. Both rents have been agreed in full.

    However we have also put all the claimants income on both claims which means she only qualifies for a percentage of barge rental and does not qualify for any mooring fees, whereas if it was one lump sum she would be entitled to the full amount of the mooring.

    It seems a little unfair that we have included her income twice?
    Is this correct or on the 2nd claim should we reduce the income to her applicable amount so it pays the full award?

    Has anyone come across this before or got any ideas?

    Many thanks

    Kevin D

    I think the wording of HBR 12 is such that the rent(s) should be aggregated together (on one single claim).

    As to how you get any of the current HB systems to deal with such a scenario where there are two payees, well, it’s only taken the software a mere 18 years to “evolve” to their current level of “usefulness”. Frightening really….


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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