Mortgage Protection Plan

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    Ben Travers

    Good morning everybody,

    We have a claimant with a mortgage protection plan that pays him around £2000 pcm. However his monthly mortgage repayments are £300 pcm and £100 to maintain the policy. The remaining £1600 is used to pay child maintenance, school fees and general living costs.

    I’m quite happy that only the £300 pcm is disregarded under sch 5(29)

    But.. the claimant states that if we decided that the £1700 is not disregarded as income then he’s going to amend the amount he repays to his mortgage to £2000.

    So my query is.. should he choose to take this course of action does the disregard only apply insofar as the amounts the claimant has to pay or should it reflect what he actually does pay.

    I suspect the former – sch 5 (29) refers to ‘maintain repayments’ and he only needs to repay £300 to ‘maintain repayments’ but would welcome any other opinions.

    Thank you

    Carol Meredith

    Ben, I assume he is working age in which case I agree with you. The wording in schedule 5 is to maintain repayments not to increase them.


    Ben Travers

    He is – thanks Carol

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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