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    For the period up to October 2004 the new regs allow for entitlement to HB tostart from 6.10.03 or whatever later date they first qualified, regardless of date of claim.

    If a pensioner already in receipt of PC(G) and in receipt of HB moves to another LA area when should their entitlement to HB or CTB start at the new address?

    Should entitlement start on the date of liability at the new LA address or, having had a previous claim at another LA terminated, should the usual rules about having to make a claim within 28 days of new liability apply?

    chris harvey

    We had a similar case where a pensioner failed to supply evidence in September and we terminated the claim. They have now come back re-claimed and we are having to treat the new claim as being made on 6th October because of the transitional provisions in reg 29 of the HB/CTB Pension Credit Regs.
    I think you are in the same position and I think the transitional provisions overrule the normal rules on effective date of claim. It looks to me that pensioners have a years carte blanche to claim, re-claim or whatever and have the date of claim go back to 6/10/03.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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