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    Hi everyone,

    There are plans within this Authority (RCT) to commence the above scheme, which for those that have not come across this before is an initiative which utilises long-term unemployed persons to assist those unable to maintain their own gardens through a service charge which then pays for the training and development of those participating in the scheme.

    The benefits are obvious in that the scheme provides employment and training for those that are long term unemployed and improves the neighbourhood instilling pride back into the community (with potential knock-on effects of reducing crime, graffiti and anti-social behaviour).

    My reason for writing is that the RSL that are setting up this scheme have asked if the service charges are eligible under the Housing Benefit Scheme. My initial response has been ‘no’ on the basis that it is not a condition of the tenancy. The charge will only be applied to those that are unable to manage their gardens through age or disability and therefore a selective or discretionary criterion will be used.

    I would be interested in other’s opinion and interpretation of this scheme and therefore, for completeness, I would appreciate your answers to the following: –

    1.Does your LA operate this scheme or plan to in the future?

    2.Do you (intend to) include the service charges in the benefit assessment?

    3.If yes, on what basis have (will) they been included?

    4.If no, on what basis have they been excluded?

    Your feedback is appreciated and the results will be co-ordinated – if you would like a copy of the results once compiled please indicate on your response and I will e-mail them out.


    Matt (on behalf of Andy Symes, Head of Service)

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