Multiple Change of circs on SX3/Northgate

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    Can someone please advise -:

    In the event that a claimant reports a change of circumstances which involves more than one change and more than one effective date for e.g,

    On 23/06/06 a claimant reports two changes – a Change in Earnings – effective from Monday 05/06/06 and also a change in tax credits effective from Monday 12/06/06.

    Do other authorities:

    1) Change all the income as reported and calculate the claim once using the earliest effective date or
    2) Change the earned income on screen and calculate then, change the tax credits and do a separate change in circs calculation?


    Darren W

    Here in Eastbourne we do the following.

    If the information came in to the office on the same date, then we calculate the changes in on calculation even if the effective dates are different. From what I recall when I was testing it, any overpayment will correctly aportion the Claimant error and any LA error correctly.

    If the information is received on different days, but we are working on it on the same day, then even if the changes have the same effective date we do it on different calculations.

    chris harvey

    For stats purposes a COC is measured from when we are informed of the change to the date we process it. So where these are the same as in your scenario the date we received both changes is the same and the date we processed them both is the same then you can do one calc marking the system as a COC and the number of changes = 2. The state report will count it as 2 changes each taking the relevant number of days.
    For subsidy which is unconnected with stats the information received date on Northgate will correctly apportion the claimant error/LA error subsidy in overpayment cases.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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