Multiple changes of circumstances and the ETD

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    Laura Moore

    Has anyone noticed any change since the ETD ‘fix’ was put in, to ensure that we are advised of multiple changes of circumstances for pensioners, via the ETD.

    We are not receiving several ETDs showing multiple changes for one customer, just the ETD notification of the first Pension Service assessment. We then have to call the Pension Service who tell us what the other changes are.

    The DWP are sending another file on the ETD next week, which was supposed to be a ‘belt and braces’ policy, as they expected the fix to work. It doesn’t seem to have worked here.


    How about this problem that happened here recently.

    Claimant is on GC and has a n/dep. Claimant was awarded A.A. so her GC went up. Of course, now getting A.A. there shouldn’t have been a n/dep charge. Quite correctly she didn’t tell this LA, just the Pensions Service.

    We found out about this 5 months later and when I rang the PC asking “why didn’t you tell us?” was advised

    “Oh, we wouldn’t tell the LA as she remained on GC, just a higher amount”.

    Ho-hum 🙄

    Laura Moore

    I’ve had an email reply from the DWP today – the ‘fix’ will be put in this weekend (23/24th), so the October scan will have all the changes of circumstances to be amended for HB as normal.

    Louise Dyson

    Following on from this, has anybody noticed a vast increase in ETD’s this morning, if so has anybody queried it yet?


    Sort of…

    We have noticed today that the “normal” etd’s and savings credit scan is all lumped in together. Usually we can download the etd’s to our document management system, but the format is different – so this time we can’t. We don’t seem to be able to differentiate between the two like we normally can.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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