Multiple COC in week leading up to 1st April

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    We are trying to clarify the procedure regarding multiple COCs, and would appreciate other opinions on this particular circumstance:

    According to Reg 79(4), if there are multiple non-rent COCs in a single week which would otherwise take effect in different benefit weeks, they all take effect from the start of the week in which they occur. The changes to which this reg relates include upratings of the HB regs themselves, as per 79(3).

    This seems to mean that, if a claimant has a non-rent COC on 29/03/06, say, and is subject to the HB upratings on 01/04/06, both the uprating and the other COC take effect from the start of that week: 27/03/06.

    Can this be right, that upratings take effect in the last week of March? If not, what are we missing…?

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