Nephew Milking His Aunt’s Account

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    Not strictly HB I know but I would welcome your views. We have a very elderly lady whose nephew appears to be running her affairs (we have now made him the appointee). He has set up an internet banking account for her, which of course he administers. On studying the statements it looks like he has steadily been emptying the account. Over three years £14,000 has disappeared, not to pay her rent because she is on HB and not to pay her living costs because she is on savings credit. The old lady has been visited and obviously trusts her nephew. Is there anything to be done about this. Is it a police matter and if so does the complaint have to come from the old lady?


    Maybe you could contact Age Concern / Help the Aged (now called Age UK) for advice:
    0800 169 6565

    Chris Cook

    We are corporately advised to contact Social Services at the County Council, a team that deals with vulnerable people in the first instance.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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