New AIF from 19Th April?

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    Along with many other poor souls I am trying to prepare for Council Tax Annual Billing in less than a fortnight’s time only to find that there is significant confusion regarding the new AIF figures which the Pension Service have applied from 12th April.
    My understanding is that although we can apply the uprated Savings Credit amount to either 1st or 5th of April depending on the frequency of rent etc we cannot under current legislation make the new AIF effective from these dates.
    DWP have advised that the new AIF will be effective from 19th April but a change to the regulations is being urgently considered to address the issue of multiple assessments , rebilling etc.
    I quote from the email I have just received from Christine Watkins of DWP : “[color=blue:9b1c723512]As the regs currently provide, you should take the changed rate of the savings credit into account from either the 1st or 5th April 2004 – depending on whether the rent is weekly or not and, for CTB, depending on the date your authority chooses. Reg 36(7), HB and 28(7) CTB refer. However, the changed AIF should be taken into account from 19th April. Reg 68(1), HB and 59(1), CTB refer.
    However, aware of the fact that this way of dealing with up-rating would be different for pensioners than for working age claimants and that LAs would be issuing multiple decision notices and re-billing council tax, Ministers are considering whether to urgently amend the regulations so that you may deal with all the up-rating changes for pensioners at the same time ie either 1st or 5th April 2004. We will let all LAs know should the amendment be made.”[/color:9b1c723512]
    I will probably go ahead on the basis that the change to the regs will come in due course and apply the AIF at either the 1st or 5th April as appropriate. At worst I will have to amend a few hundred claims later.
    Any other ideas?


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