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    A new award of Savings Credit, that leads to a reduction in HB/CTB should be actioned by LA from Mon foll date of receipt of notification from PS.
    Therefore, all new award ETD’s received week comm 29/3/04 will not be effective on claims until 5/4/04. However, due to this problem with ETD’s not being able to produce ETD’s for multiple changes, the only notification that is coming from ETD is rate comm 6/10/03.
    Are LA’s going to use this figure (which will be pre Apr 04 uprated figures for SRP’s etc when we have already now uprated all standard case pensioners for new financial yr)?
    I have been in contact with LAST today, and we are only going to receive the multiple change scans monthly (next one due around 6/4/04).
    This means we have been notified of an award of Savings Credit say 30/3/04, do we use this figure in assessment wef 5/4/04, then say uprating details received 1/5/04 would we go back and create a DWP overpayment as the uprating is effective 1/4/04?


    We have to use the AIF as we have no power not to. However I would suggest you check via the rat / contact the pension service on cases where it is obvious that you will need the new figure post 1/4. I think this is the most sensible way forward as you will not be acting ultra vires and you will have the right info. However of course it is more work for the LA.

    Scan due around the 12th not 6th as DWP agreed not to issue it just before the long Easter weekend – PI’s and all that.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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